Lab Members

smARTLab Director

Shan Luo

Machine learning and computer vision algorithms with applications in robotics, e.g., robot perception, object recognition & localisation, and multimodal sensing fusion.

´╗┐Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Leszek Pecyna

Cognitive Developmental Robotics + Machine Learning + Convolutional Neural Networks + Recurrent Neural Networks + Sensory Synergy

PhD Students

Jacopo Castellini

Deep learning for multi-agent reinforcement learning and decision making

James Butterworth

Genetic Algorithms + Neuroevolution + all things AI & Machine Learning

Daniel Fernandes Gomes

Manipulation of deformable object using tactile sensing and stereo vision

Guanqun Cao

Sensory synergy of tactile sensing and vision for robot grasping

Jiaqi(Jackie) Jiang

Sensory synergy + Active touch + Aerial manipulation

Konstantinos Alexandridis

Drone detection + Image processing + Object tracking + GPU/FPGA + Low power

Chen Lu

Deep reinforcement learning + Memory mechanism

Previous directors

Professor Karl Tuyls (Now at Google DeepMind)

Dr Frans A. Oliehoek (Now at TU Delft)


Dr Greg Palmer

Dr. Daan Bloembergen

Dr. Elisa Cucco

Dr. Daniel Hennes (Visiting and Honorary member)

Dr. Elizabeth Sklar

Professor Simon Parsons

Dr. Ipek Caliskanelli

Rik Claessens

Jeffery Raphael

Eric Schneider

Richard Williams

Joscha Fossel

Bastian Broecker

Daniel Claes